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Icon Board Kovcheg 26x40 cm, Gessoed

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Иконные доски производства Мастерских Псково-Печерского монастыря, выполнены из сухой липы, усилены шпонками (поперечными вставками) из дуба или ясеня*. Левкас изготовлен на основе мела и желатина с добавлением яйца и олифы. В наличие и на заказ по вашим размерам

*Типовые доски размером менее 13х16 см идут без шпонок, а плоские доски без ковчега изготовлены из лиственных пород древесины.

26x40 cm
Board made of Linden with oak dowels, front window
levkas and painting



Handmade icons of the Holy-Dormition Pskov-Pechersk monastery. They are made by hand using the author's technology in the monastery workshop. Icons are made on wooden planks made of hardwood, depending on the size, they are reinforced with transverse dowels. Next, levkas (gesso) with pavoloka (canvas)* is applied to the boards, after which the main image is applied to the prepared Board using the author's technique with high-quality pigment paints that are resistant to fading. In the future, the icon goes to the master Gilder who covers the icon with gold from natural gold** and passes the icon to the iconographer who completes the image and signs the icon.

* on flat (small, medium) icons, a reinforced levkas without pavoloka is used

** depending on the type of icon, gold leaf can be replaced with an imitation

Workshops of the Pskov-Pechersk monastery strive not only for aesthetic and technological perfection of the icon creation process. An integral basis of the ancient art of icon painting, since ancient times, has been prayer and the desire for purity of body and spirit, involvement in Church life. These ancient principles of iconography we, with our modest efforts, strive to embody at the present time. Inspired by the image of the Saints and Elders of the Pskov land, we strive to follow the path of Christian life, not only within the walls of the Church, but also in the works and concerns of everyday life.

We ask for your prayers in our works and God bless you!

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